Banquet Hall:Purple Cloud Hall, Blue Cloud Hall (B1)
The two elegant, spacious and full-functional main function halls and the box-styled small function hall are the ideal venues for business conferences and weddings. With fully equipped conference and banquet facilities, we tailor ideal banquets and characteristic events for you.
  Function Room Capacity
Floor Room Ceiling Height Area (m2) Area (ping)
B1-A1 Purple Cloud Hall 1 3.95 108 33
B1-A2 Purple Cloud Hall 2 3.95 120 36
B1-A3 Purple Cloud Hall 3 3.95 114 35
B1-A Purple Cloud Hall (All) 3.95 42 104
B1-B Blue Cloud Hall 3.84 360 109
B1-F Reception Area 3.97 280 85
B1 Total Area (A + B + Reception) 3.95 982 298
Floor Room Table (round)
Charged by per person
Table (round)
Charged by per table
B1-A1 Purple Cloud Hall 1 70 Pax 6-7 T
B1-A2 Purple Cloud Hall 2 70 Pax 6-7 T
B1-A3 Purple Cloud Hall 3 70 Pax 6-7 T
B1-A Purple Cloud Hall (All) 200 Pax 23-25 T
B1-B Blue Cloud Hall 19-21 T
B1-F Reception Area 8-10 T
B1 Total Area (A + B + Reception) 400-500 Pax 48-52 T
3F Sky Restaurant (All) 400-500 Pax 45-50 T
3F Snack Area 70 Pax 10-12 T
3F Box Area 300 Pax 25-28 T
3F Box Area (All) 80 Pax 14-20 T
  • Each table is designed for 10 persons. Additional fees are required for extra spaces and dish sizes based on the price list.
  • Table arrangements are for reference only. The actual arrangement is subject to the amount of tables and the size of hall.
  • An extra 10% service charge for all amounts is required (5% VAT incl.)
  • An additional service charge at NT$300/table is required for guests preparing their own wines and drinks.
  • Wireless Broadband Networking: To meet the technological needs of modern travelers, the entire hotel area is equipped with wireless broadband networking service.